Nine-year-old drowns in Salalah spring

Energy Sunday 13/August/2017 21:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Nine-year-old drowns in Salalah spring

Muscat: A nine-year-old boy who was rescued from a spring in Salalah and rushed to hospital has died, rescuers have confirmed.
Emergency crews were called to the spring called Ayn Kor in Salalah yesterday, after the boy got into difficulty.
Rescuers managed to pull the youngster from the water and rush him to hospital, reporting his condition as "critical".
A Sultan Qaboos Hospital source later confirmed the boy had been dead on arrival at the emergency room there.
"The boy has been transported to the hospital and is in critical condition," the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) announced via social media yesterday.
"The water rescue team was able to rush to the site in Ayn Kor in Salalah after they received a report on the incident," officials added.
A PACDA spokesman later confirmed the boy had been pronounced dead on arrival by doctors at the Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah.
"Based on the reports he slipped on the water.
"The ambulance team arrived on the scene and started resuscitation. The system does not allow to pronounce the patient dead unless he is seen by the doctor. They did their job, resuscitated the victim and gave him ventilation until they arrived to the hospital.
"It's a child, they cannot declare dead. Once they arrived to the hospital the doctors declared him dead."
"He was nine years old, an Omani visitor from the north," the spokesman added.
"Be careful when you go to such places because its dangerous. Our team is always around."
Last month, PACDA warned the public regarding the dangers of drowning.
"Do not to go to the sea during rough winds and high waves. Avoid deep areas and choose suitable sites and safe to swim for the safety of everyone,” they warned.
So far this year, at least five people have drowned in Oman’s waters.