Oman Tourism: Exploring Buraimi

T-Mag Wednesday 06/January/2016 20:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Tourism: Exploring Buraimi

07:30 Yallah, wipe the sleep out of your eyes and hit the road early. Head north towards Sohar and immediately after the city take the road to Buraimi.

10:30 As you enter Buraimi from the main road, you will see Jazmine Mall, get your caffeine fix at the modernly decorated Take and Test coffee shop.

11:00 Continue down the road to visit the Al Khandaq Fort, a military fortification square whose towers and main doors are embellished with stylish geometric designs.

12:00 The four buildings of the Buraimi Souq sit just in front of the Al Khandaq Fort. From fruits and vegetables to clothes and furniture, everything is available in this patio-style market. Don’t miss the handicrafts aisle of traditional pottery, baskets, and miniature versions of the traditional Omani Burqa mask.

14:00 Check-in at the Buraimi Hotel (+968 2564 2010, The rooms are dated, but clean, and the hotel features gardens, a swimming pool, and a lounge. Have lunch and relax, Buraimi is a ghost town from 14.00 to 17.00.

17:00 When the sun goes down, go for a stroll around the delicately illuminated Buraimi Sultan Qaboos Mosque.

18:00 Continue walking to Fort Antique shop, just in front of Al Khandaq Fort. Shop for old coins, dresses, and swords.

20:00 Sit outside and have a leisurely dinner at Alhan Al Sharq Turkish restaurant (+968 2565 2226). The specialty is grilled quail, but they also make a fantastic mixed grill.

09:00 After breakfast, go explore the pre-Islamic tombs of the Umm Al Nar (The Mother of Fire) civilisation. You can spot them from the road just after the Toyota Service Centre; little mountains made of rocks. Climb up the hill to have a closer look at these untouched 5,000-year-old family tombs. (Coordinates 24”16’50.7”N - 55”48’39.6”E )

11:00 Continue on to the open souq in front of Al Hila Fort. Villagers from outside of Buraimi gather at the old souq, sitting on the floor, chatting and selling specialties like samak mujafaf (dried fish), giving it a particular charm.

13:00 Explore the Al Hila Fort. Built in the 16th century, the fort is a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. The panoramic view from the roof, which overlooks the neighbouring city of Al Ain, is a must-see.

15:00 Drive an hour south and stop in Sohar for a seafood lunch at Dhow Marina Restaurant (+968 2204 6999, before your final two hour drive home.