News Rewind: Ibri crash dominates headlines this week

Oman Friday 04/March/2016 01:18 AM
By: Times News Service
News Rewind: Ibri crash dominates headlines this week

A horrific crash involving a passenger bus, a truck and a car at about 12:30am on Tuesday in Fahud near Ibri that claimed 18 lives and left 16 injured, continued to dominate the news agenda in Oman.
1.) Eighteen people were killed and 16 suffered grave injuries in an early morning accident in Ibri, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) reported on Tuesday. Three vehicles including a bus, a trailer and a car were involved in the accident. This was the best read story of the week.
2.) Ministry of Oil and Gas announced the new fuel prices for March. This was the second best read story online. Super graded petrol will cost 9.3 per cent less in March, compared with the price before deregulation. According to the revised price for March, regular petrol will cost 7.14 per cent cheaper and diesel will be around 8.6 per cent less.
3.) The story of a survivor who lost three of her brothers in the horrific crash that claimed 18 lives in total, has told of the terror and her grief. Our reporter Fahad Ghadhani spoke to MA, who sustained injuries on her head, back and hands, in one of the worst accidents in Oman, was travelling on the bus. She is out of danger now but the shock of losing her brothers has left her inconsolable. This was the third best story.
4.) A Class 1 student of Indian School Wadi Kabir has been admitted to the Khoula Hospital with broken pelvis, damage to liver and internal bleeding, after she met with an accident involving a bus on Sunday afternoon. This was the fourth best-read story read online.
5.) Number five spot on most read story was the Oman weather forecast. The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) had forecast rain in Oman starting from Monday afternoon due to a deep upper air trough.