Horse Riding in Oman

T-Mag Thursday 03/March/2016 13:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Horse Riding in Oman

hough horses originated in America, many millennia ago some made the journey across the Bering Straits to Asia and Europe where they thrived. And while at first they were hunted for food, men soon learned how valuable the beautiful beasts were as a mode of transportation, and a companion in war.

Horse mounted soldiers, who became known as the cavalry, were very often a determining factor in the outcomes of the strategic battles that changed the course of history. The incredibly swift spread of Islam, and the Arab domination across large parts of Europe, Africa and Asia, was made possible by mounted horsemen riding the superb Arabian breed.

The Arabian stable in Qurum houses schooling horses, athletic horses, European, American breeds, and Arabian thoroughbreds. Syrian Abdullah Alshigri, one of the stable’s trainers, explained the appeal of the breed. “Arabian horses don’t get tired quickly, they are very strong, and have wider nostrils, and larger lungs. They have one less rib, thus increasing the capacity of their lungs. And they are beautiful, with limbs that are bit thinner, hoofs are smaller in radius, and movement that is very smart and agile. They are good at racing, endurance races, and tent pegging,” explained the passionate horseman.

There is no denying the tremendous aesthetic appeal of these magnificent equine athletes, whose graceful movements have captivated mankind for millennia. Oman was one of the main centres for breeding Arabian horses and the horse riding culture is deep rooted here. A love of horses continues to run deep in the blood of most Omanis, especially their fondness for the classic, Purebred Arabian horses that were their stalwart companions for centuries. This passion is expressed in many forms, including horse racing, endurance racing, show jumping, and tent pegging, an event that is both prestigious and popular and involves riders retrieving pegs while at a full gallop. The Oman Equestrian Federation organises the Annual Royal Meeting, national show jumping competitions, and the Royal Equestrian Show every five years at the Equestrian Grounds in Seeb.

Many of us love horses because of the close bond they form with their riders or the fact that they seem to share our pleasure in a fast canter or an interesting trail ride. Luckily, as you might expect from a country enamoured with all things equine, recreational riding is well catered for in the Sultanate. Lessons suitable for all abilities are available and trail rides are popular options for more experienced riders. Most schools will offer a one-hour lesson or a guided trail ride, most of which go through Qurum Park and Nature Reserve, along the creek and onto Shatti Al Qurum beach.

If you are more interested in show jumping, Oman has schools that teach show jumping and dressage and organise competitive events as well. Many horsemen and women have their own equipment, but equipment, from hats to saddles are available to hire or purchase as well. Children are welcome and Abdullah feels that horsemanship is a great way for them to learn about life. “We also give training for novices on how to feed a horse, how to put the saddle on, and how to brush a horse. Horsemanship is not just riding the horse. All of this creates a bigger bond between the horse and its rider, and that reflects its performance,” he explained.

When in the Sultanate you cannot miss the allure of riding a stallion, the origins of which date back to Prophet Suleiman (PBUH). And if you like riding, or think you might, check out some of Oman’s great options for getting you in the saddle.


Arabian Stable, Qurum

Qurum Park & Nature Reserve

For show jumping, dressage,

kid’s basics, horseback riding,

and guided tours.

OMR120 per month for adults.

(classes twice a week)

OMR80 per month for children.

(classes twice a week)

+968 9938 6978

[email protected]

Al Faris Equestrian, Seeb

For show jumping, dressage.

Beginners: OMR8, Intermediate: OMR10 & Advance: OMR15 per class

+968 9419 9017

Instagram: Majid.alhasani

[email protected]

Creo Equestrian, Barka

For horseback riding, control rides, and show jumping.

OMR10 per class

Instagram: creoequestriann

+968 9444 9966

Qurum Equestrian Stable

Qurum Park & Nature Reserve

For pony riding classes, horse riding classes, one-to-one private classes, and beach rides and pony garden rides.

OMR20 for 60 minutes for beach ride.

+968 9942 2401

[email protected]