Oman technology: Ever evolving WhatsApp

Hockey Sunday 06/August/2017 20:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman technology: Ever evolving WhatsApp

The one app that has got us all glued to our phones is WhatsApp. It has revolutionised the way our conversations take place and is an important factor that helps us to keep in touch with our long distance friends, relatives, and colleagues. In spite of spending hours together every day on WhatsApp, there are a number of features in this ever evolving app that you might not be aware of. So here is a list of few attractive WhatsApp features that you must use, if you haven’t started using them.

Pin Chats
You might have a few important chats or ‘constants’ as they are called, who you would want at the top of your chat list. Now you can just pin them to the top and save yourself the trouble of scrolling through your endless chatlist.

Format Text
Bold, Italics, or strikethrough — you can do all this on WhatsApp. Format your text the way you want using * before and after the text to make it bold, _ to write the text in Italics.

Edit Images
You can now edit images on WhatsApp, instead of just sending edited images. You can doodle, oversized emoticons and text on any image you wish to send.

Create GIFs
While WhatsApp has always supported GIFs, now you can even create your own GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) on WhatsApp. All you have to do is attach a video, edit it to less than 6 seconds, and click on the GIF option before pressing send.

Conversation shortcut
If there is one person you incessantly chat with, and don’t have the patience to open WhatsApp, find the contact, and then start the conversation. Then you can create a chat shortcut on your home screen.

If you are a multilingual person who enjoys conversations with different people in different languages, then use the language change option, which you will find in the settings of WhatsApp.

Read Receipts
Even if you or your recipients blue ticks or last seen are off, you can now know if people have read your chat with the ‘i’ button on the top bar of your screen.
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