OmanPride: Founder of Oman Life Makers inspires youth

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Founder of Oman Life Makers inspires youth

Feeling a responsibility towards society is something of great importance as it aids the country and its people, which is a feeling Isra Nassib Al Raisi takes quite seriously and has made it a priority. Isra who is also a participant in Al Rahma Association for Motherhood and Childhood, has inspired youngsters to be part of charity by founding Oman Life Makers, one of the nation’s earliest youth groups. The mother of two realised that she needed to add something meaningful to her life and her country, so she started planning on how to be part of the community and do good for the people with no expectations in return. “They say that the best day you live, is the day you help someone without waiting for a reward,” said Isra, expressing her love for giving back to society.

Isra was inspired by a TV programme that carried a message of youth being the future of this universe. She began aspiring to developing something similar to the programme that could help pave the way towards a positive change. Whenever Isra would witness poor families in hardship, she would feel the urge to step up and do something, anything to help those in need.

Be it lending a helping hand to starting a small business, or helping them get a job. By doing so she began adding sparkle to the lives of the needy. In 2004, Isra opened an online forum that was aimed at charity projects. She called up young Omanis to join and be part of her new journey. The replies she got were great, with responses coming from all the wilayats in Oman. The newly formed group was named ‘Oman Life Makers’ and their first mission was collecting used clothing for the needy.

“The participants were really serious about the work because they wanted to have a union or anything that was organised, which was my duty, that is providing leadership for the idea,” said Isra. After starting the group, she created a data base for volunteers, where they shared ideas on how to help others, and exchanged project concepts for the future. Shortly after, Oman Life Makers became one of the most popular youth groups in the country, with numerous accomplishments under its belt.

From launching campaigns that fight bad behaviour that harm the community, to organising blood donating sessions, to providing food, clothes, and school supplies to needy families and kids, especially on special occasions, such as Eid and Ramadan, the organisation has remained very active. One of their successful campaigns ‘My Fashion, My Identity’ was aimed at educating the youth on the importance of celebrating their Omani, Muslim, and Arabic identity, and drew great response all around.

“Teaching others and new generations that they should be good human beings while they are alive and leave a footprint in life is vital,” said Isra, adding that “some people come to the world and leave without adding anything, while some prefer to leave the world leaving behind a profile of good deeds that will be remembered after their death.”

Today, Oman has more than 250 youth groups that were inspired by Isra and her Oman Life Makers journey. “Personally, the best thing I liked in this journey is the great feeling I get when people call me ‘Isra Lifemaker,’ I really liked that nick name,” said Isra in gratitude.
She is now focusing on individual projects with different associations around town. And, Isra recently joined her grandfather’s Endowment Foundation, called ‘Haj Ali Moosa Khan Endowment Foundation’ which is aimed at setting an example that good deeds can carry on even after death.
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