Tank filling up time cut in Oman with new, longer hoses

Energy Tuesday 18/July/2017 21:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Tank filling up time cut in Oman with new, longer hoses

Muscat: Oman Oil Marketing Company has introduced a new service of filling petrol in a vehicle from both sides. Longer fuel hoses in most filling stations have been placed to ease overcrowding.
Most vehicles in Oman have the fuel tank on the left side of the car, resulting in long queues on one side while the other side of petrol stations remains free. The longer hose will facilitate the filling of tanks regardless of which side the tank is on.
The petrol stations in Oman have been witnessing long queues especially when a change in fuel prices has been announced. A longer fuel hose will help in moving the queue along, reducing the waiting time. The filling stations have a board with ‘station provides fuel from both sides’ written on it.
Residents feel the longer hoses will help, especially at busy times.
“It makes life easier now. There is no need to wait in the long queues”, said an Indian expat residing in Ruwi.
Oman’s neighbours including the UAE and Qatar started this service a few years back.