Oman leisure: Sunrise Yoga at Diana’s Point is a soulful bliss

Lifestyle Tuesday 18/July/2017 20:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman leisure: Sunrise Yoga at Diana’s Point is a soulful bliss

We’ve all done yoga; in our living rooms, at a friend’s outhouse, the gym, or for a place more offbeat, even in a tree house. But how many of us can boast of a yoga experience at a historic spot, surrounded with the tranquillity of mountains and a few 1,000mts drop just inches away? That was Sunrise Yoga at the Anantara Resort, Jabal Akhdar.

A completely holistic approach to an elevated form of well-being surrounds every aspect of the Anantara Resort Jabal Akhdar. Limitlessness – is what one is reminded off while standing at the famed Diana’s Point which forms a focal point of the resort — the very deck where the yoga sessions are usually conducted.

Basking in the warm glow of the sun, the morning breeze tingling the fresh beads of sweat that begin to form a few minutes into the routine, the Sunrise Yoga session is a soulful bliss. Freeing the mind of worries isn’t something that has to be battled with when you are blessed with the serenity of such pleasant weather, scenic views, and the guidance of a dedicated yoga guru.

Though 7am isn’t my definition of being a relatively morning person, waking up to a view of an infinity pool a few steps from your bed’s end and the mountains beckoning for a day full of enchanting experience is eye-opening enough to want to get out and about.

Back at the deck, we started with the traditional sun salutation and then went through a series of asanas or poses that started from relaxing the face muscles to every extended limb of the body. Though considering myself fairly fit, I decided to opt for something relatively light given that this was my first class; and a right decision I must say. I marvelled at the postures my guru took so effortlessly while I struggled to maintain a decent balance (which defied all the elegance I had been so hopeful of demonstrating for a perfect photo).

We glided through first the standing asanas, followed by the sitting and finally climaxed with the ones that had me happily sprawled on the mat. While I rejoiced the thought of burning calories (an empty stomach added to the advantage) through the routine, my superficial desires eventually took a more soulful turn. I realised that yoga was a lot more than just toning up.

All those twists, turns, stretches and constant emphasis on breathing right was barely what yoga is truly about. The effect was more from within – a heightened sense of emotional well-being, spiritual elevation and a fresh rush of positivity shot through every part of my body.

My guru nodded in agreement explaining how yoga was considered a ‘Way of Life’, a union of the individual consciousness to the higher self and how incorporating this ancient practice into daily life works to align every aspect of the mind, body, and soul.

I wouldn’t beg to differ. The unmistakable calm that takes over the mind in a session is remarkable. Though I had a long way to go before I could probably bring my toe to scratch my nose in a formidable asana, I can’t deny I had a certain buzz of energy that made me want to do a backbend and handstand or at least bound gleefully to my next activity.

The resort has a variety of holistic exercises including private and group yoga sessions. You can opt for a low or moderate 60 minute session of Sunrise Yoga or Bikram Yoga according to your preference.
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(For more details, call Anantara Resort, Jabal Akhdar on +968 2521 8000.)