News Rewind — Hiring in Oman: Expats with Middle East knowledge

Energy Friday 14/July/2017 12:03 PM
By: Times News Service
News Rewind — Hiring in Oman: Expats with Middle East knowledge

Employment and labour were a hot topic of debate this past week. Here's a look at our top five headlines from last week, with Times of Oman's News Rewind:
Recruitment firms told this newspaper that 40 per cent of jobs for expats in Oman were for individuals with previous Middle East or GCC work experience, as firms feel such persons know the market and are a safer bet when it comes to the cost of bringing in foreign workers.
The National Centre for Statistics and Information released the second edition of Knowledge Oman, and has assessed the needs for every governorate in Oman for the next 25 years — from 11 billion gallons of water to half a million new jobs, and much more.
Photographs obtained by the Times of Oman showed how the Ministry of Manpower's midday break rule for labourers was being openly flouted by firms, with expat labourers bearing the blunt.
Sohar Airport's first international flight also landed on Saturday, with a statement from Oman Airports Management Company stating that Air Arabia became the first international flight to Sohar Airport from Sharjah Airport.
It was also revealed that marketing and PR jobs were the most popular jobs on offer in Oman this year, representing 16 per cent of total vacancies in the country.