6 signs it’s time to quit your 9-to-5 desk job

Lifestyle Wednesday 12/July/2017 18:53 PM
By: Times News Service
6 signs it’s time to quit your 9-to-5 desk job

A growing number of workers are moving away from typical 9-to-5 desk jobs and are reaping the benefits of being their own bosses or becoming independent contractors. How do you know if that lifestyle is for you?

Here are six reasons you may not be meant to be stuck at your desk for eight hours a day.

1 You enjoy working flexible hours. While most traditional jobs have specific hours, being an independent contractor means you get to set your own schedule. Whether you use your free time to spend time with family, enjoy favourite hobbies, hit the gym or travel the world, setting your own hours means greater flexibility where work/life balance is concerned. Plus, if you have a home office, you can also kiss that commute goodbye, giving you more time to work and play.

2 You want the ability to work wherever you want. Not everyone relishes watercooler talk. If four walls have you down, traditional office culture may not be for you. Whether it’s the beach, a café, or your couch, skip the chitchat and other office distractions and set up shop in whatever location inspires you to do your best work.

3 You like having uncapped potential for growth and salary. Even for those accustomed to annual raises, most traditional jobs come with limits to career growth and salary potential. Rather than being at the mercy of such salary caps, consider contracting positions with opportunities for swift, exponential growth.

4 You want to be your own boss and set your own goals. Being a traditional employee often means meeting someone else’s benchmarks. Being an independent contractor means setting your own goals and defining your own success.

5 You like having extra cash on hand to enjoy life. Vacations, cars, gadgets – the higher your earning potential, the more money you will have to spend on all of life’s little extras.

6 You desire a career that challenges and motivates you. Many jobs can seem like drudgery. For a self-starter wanting to be challenged and motivated, forging one’s own path can be much more fulfilling.