Oman dining: Dine at Millennium Resort Mussanah

T-Mag Wednesday 12/July/2017 17:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman dining: Dine at Millennium Resort Mussanah

There are times when you just need to get away from mundane rituals and give yourself a break in a refreshing atmosphere in a place away from home, outside of Muscat, and this weekend my friend and I decided to hit the road to Millennium Resort Mussanah for a quick staycation by the beach. The place is nothing short of wonderful, with ziplining and a tonne of other beach activities, but as usual my heart belongs to food, so the moment I stepped into the resort I was eyeing their open-live kitchen, themed-restaurant of Mydan, which offered fantastic views of their private marina. I ended up having treats that became one of my absolute favourite experiences, crafted to perfection by Chef Dakshnamoorthy and served not only to be savoured, but to also offer a pleasing moment for the eyes.

We kicked off our three-course dinner with feta beet rocca salad, a simple cheesy salad served with walnuts, orange, and pomegranate molasses, and a sprinkle of olive oil. The salad tasted heavenly, with a mix of sweet and sour that gave my tastebuds something to remember. A true burst of flavours.

After tickling our stomachs with greens and cheeses, we dived into the star of the show, the main. We had Middle Eastern-inspired grilled chicken with harissa and cumin-spiced red lentils, a juicy chicken breast dish served with tzatziki sauce and a bunch of vegetables. The chicken was perfectly juicy and flavourful, too.

For dessert, we went with a traditional-infused treat, the Omani-spiced dates pudding with saffron cheese quenelles, a delicate date sweet served with dates mamool, pistachio croquant, and a bit of fruits. The dessert was absolutely delicious, and the best part is its mild sweetness, which was perfect for me. Overall, our lunch was one to remember, and I cannot wait to come back here and taste more of the chef’s exciting creations. They truly look amazing, and taste amazing, too. [email protected]

Mydan Restaurant
Millennium Resort Mussanah,
+968 2687 1553