No cholera cases in Oman, says Ministry of Health

Energy Wednesday 12/July/2017 17:10 PM
By: Times News Service
No cholera cases in Oman, says Ministry of Health

Muscat: Oman is free from cholera, said the Ministry of Health in response to ‘rumours’ about the disease.
In a statement posted online, the ministry stated: “The Ministry of Health would like to ensure to the citizens and residents that the Sultanate is clear of cholera disease to this day,”
“The Ministry has taken sufficient strides in preparing and responding to the disease and has allocated health centres in case of an outbreak, God forbid, for treatment.”
The Ministry assure the public that the disease does not transfer from one person to another except through polluted food and water.
The current situation does not require departments to be evacuated but only a few quarantine rooms that have been previously exposed to other diseases and not just cholera.
“Citizens and residents should be careful in using the correct hygiene procedures like using water and soap before eating and after.”
“People should not listen to rumours and adhere to information from the correct source. The Ministry wishes everyone good health.”