Western Canada wildfires prompt state of emergency, evacuations

T TV Sunday 09/July/2017 13:15 PM
By: Times News Service

Western Canada's British Columbia declared its first state of emergency in 14 years after dozens of wildfires broke out in the province's rural interior. Nathan Frandino reports.
Wildfires burning in Canada's western British Columbia province are forcing thousands of residents to evacuate.
Shelters are filling up after the province declared a state of emergency late Friday.
Some 3,600 residents had been evacuated as of Friday, though some wanted to stay.
"I mean I'm disabled and what not, but I felt I'd be okay. Just people, but the police said no, you gotta go and you gotta go now."
Nearly 140 fires reportedly broke out on Friday.
And authorities are expecting the fires to spread further over the weekend.