U.S. isolated on climate at summit of world leaders

T TV Sunday 09/July/2017 13:12 PM
By: Times News Service

Leaders from the world's leading economies broke with U.S. President Donald Trump on climate policy at a G20 summit on Saturday, in a rare public admission of disagreement and blow to multilateral cooperation.
A closing statement at the G20 on Saturday by world leaders has made it clear - the U.S. has alienated itself.
In the final communique all club members - except the United States - agreed the Paris climate accord was irreversible.
"Like other world leaders here, I am dismayed at the U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris agreement and I've urged President Trump to rejoin the Paris agreement."
And it's not just the environment -- Trump has ostracized himself on key policy issues-including trade-with his past behavior.
Trump won the 2016 election on an "America First" platform promising to pull the U.S. out of several multilateral trade deals and negotiations. And has proposed imposing high tariffs on steel and other imported goods from several major trading partners.
And at this year's G20, the Trump administration's decorum was also in question.
Most notably on Saturday when his daughter Ivanka took his place at the table of world leaders, which caused American Twitter to lose its mind - with critics likening this behavior to that of dictatorships and banana republics, not democracies.
Trump also backed himself into a corner after a warm meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, not exactly a close ally of the United States.
And while the U.S. Secretary of State said the president pressed Putin on the issue of election interference, the result was this:
Russia's foreign minister claiming Trump played down the allegations privately, and Russia's president claiming Trump believed his denials.
And since the U.S. president has been vague and contradictory about whether he believes Russia intervened in 2016 on his behalf, the Russians' word seems to be the final one.