Paresh Rawal enjoys working with new crop of writers, directors

Lifestyle Monday 03/July/2017 18:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Paresh Rawal enjoys working with new crop of writers, directors

Mumbai: Paresh Rawal has been part of the film industry for close to 32 years and the actor says he still has the hunger to do good work, especially with the new breed of directors and writers. "There is always a hunger to do good work especially with the new talent. Today new bunch of writers and directors, who have come, are so sharp and have great ideas, have new kind of story telling. Today, we are in golden period of Hindi cinema," Rawal said.

The actor says not all the directors have been able to tap his potential as an actor on screen.
"I think some of them have captured it right (referring to his potential as an actor) but it depends upon the script. No actor can rise above the script. If you give me a lousy material, I will do my best. But to really shine, you need good material."

He says he has done a few films for the sake of his equation with a director but only when the script was good. "If you think a director has a good story and your support can enhance the film, then why not do it? There is a joy in being associated with a good film."
The 67-year-old actor is busy promoting his upcoming film Guest Iin London, also featuring Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Kharbanda and Tanvi Azmi. Rawal says working with young actors in the film helped him perform better.

"After working for so many years you take things for granted and you think you know everything. Also your approach towards work becomes predictable and stereotypical. With this guy around (Kartik Aaryan) there is zeal, passion, the way they react to things is different and so eventually you also react differently and your performance looks fresh."

Rawal says the actors of today believe in doing one film at a time and giving their best in that particular project. "They (young actors) are more career-oriented, focused and are aware of the market situation. These young actors (Kartik and Kriti) are superb." The film is set to release on July 7.