Omantel, Riyada Third Entrepreneurship Awards applications until July 22

Energy Sunday 02/July/2017 16:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Omantel, Riyada Third Entrepreneurship Awards applications until July 22

MUSCAT: The Entrepreneurship Award continues to receive applications from Omani micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as supporting organisations from the public and private sectors.
The registration is done online through its official website ( and continues until July 22.
Steps to register for various categories of the award can also be found on social media accounts of the Entrepreneurship Award. The launch of the third edition of the Entrepreneurship Award was announced in partnership between Riyada and Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) in March.
The award was launched to enhance the capacity of entrepreneurship and SMEs to be effective contributors to an evolving economy, based on technical know-how, research, latest skillsets and innovation. The Entrepreneurship Award includes 15 awards divided into three main categories: the Entrepreneurship Award, Entrepreneurship Award for SMEs and Entrepreneurship Award for Supporting Organisations.
"We have raised the value of cash prizes of all awards. For the Best Entrepreneur Award the amount is raised to OMR8,000, OMR5,000 for Best Educational Initiative and OMR5,000 for Best Media Initiative," said Badriya Al Hinai, Project Manager of the Award. “OMR3,000 for Best Home Business, OMR6,000 and OMR5,000 for Best Micro Business (First and second place respectively). OMR7,000 for Best Small Business in industry, trade and services sectors (three winners) and OMR12,000 for Best Medium Business in industry, trade and services sectors (three winners)," she further added.
"Cash prizes are not the only benefits, winners are also given a trophy and a certificate of appreciation and recognition of their excellence in their areas. Winners of Entrepreneurship Award category and Entrepreneurship Award for SMEs will also be entitled to participate in the ‘Winners Support Programme’. All participants in the Entrepreneurship Award will receive reports that include areas of strengths and development of their businesses based on the award criteria,” added Al Hinai.
Complementing the country's several initiatives and efforts to diversify its economy and support both public and private sector, the Award focuses on enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship in the Omani society. Further, it aims to strengthen performances of micro, small and medium enterprises whilst building their capabilities to prepare them for a competitive market. Moreover, it intents to boost the calibre and competitiveness of SMEs as well as distinguish institutions and individuals offering their support to them through appreciation and deliverance of an opportune environment to network and exchange knowledge in this field of expertise.
In its third edition, the Entrepreneurship Award tends to its theme of "Success is a Shared Responsibility", calling all segments of the society to support Omani businesses and realise the key role they play in driving the economic and social development of the nation as well as providing job opportunities.