Keep the essence of Ramadan alive

T-Mag Wednesday 21/June/2017 17:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Keep the essence of Ramadan alive

The Holy Month of Ramadan is coming to an end and when you look back it must be a time that should bring a smile on your face for being able to make a difference in someone’s life. While Ramadan teaches us abstinence, self-discipline, and self-restraint, it also teaches us some core values that we tend to forget in our caught-up lives. We learn to pause and empathise with those who don’t have the means to earn a square meal, we learn to stay away from bad habits, and we learn to give rather than take.

If you have been abundantly kind and generous throughout the Holy Month then you need to be proud of the fact that you’ve spent the month well. Apart from that, helping the poor, providing to the needy, doing charity, spending time with the downtrodden and underprivileged, and anything that you did this month is going to be rewarded copiously by the Almighty.

Different deeds have different rewards, but it is said that every little good deed you do gets multiplied by 70 times when done during the Holy Month. However, just because Ramadan month is coming to an end does not mean that you stop doing the wonderful things you have been doing the past month. Make it a habit and a part of your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. So as we are in the last week of Ramadan, I’d like to give you a list of good deeds that you can practice throughout the year.

1. Continue donating to the charities and other noble causes that are close to your heart.
2. Distribute food and water to the ones in need, especially during the long summer months ahead.
3. Always practice good manners and avoid using harsh words or tone.
4. Visit the elderly and the sick people whether they are from your family or in the neighbourhood.
5. Pay it forward. Everytime you are shown a good gesture make sure you continue the chain by being good to another.
6. Make sure to keep your country, city, and surrounding clean.
7. Donate books or share your knowledge.
8. Forgive and forget.
9. Stay in the company of good people who encourage righteousness.
10. Attend religious lectures and discourses that show you the right path.
11. Refrain from harming others, be it through your words or your action.
12. Introspect and self-evaluate to improve your character and manners.
13. Keeping up the practice of fasting. It is a wonderful way to keep the spirit of Ramadan throughout the year.
14. It is said that those who have humility are the closest to the Almighty. So be humble.
15. Maintain the cordial relationship with your extended family and relatives that you built during the blessed month. Plan get-togthers and family meals to keep the spirit of togetherness.
16. Cook meals to feed the poor and the under privileged.
17. Help animals. If you see any animal in need of food or shelter, don’t hesitate from providing it.
18. Save electricity and make judicious use of energy.
19. Donate blood every few months.
20. Donate toys to children’s hospitals.

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