Oman technology: Clean your camera lenses like a pro

Hockey Sunday 18/June/2017 20:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman technology: Clean your camera lenses like a pro

If you have a love for photography you will know how important it is to not just take care of your cameras but also the lenses to get that perfect shot. Camera lenses are delicate and expensive too. Hence it is important to know how to care for them. Apart from doing the basic things like wiping off the dust and storing it in a safe place there are several other things that one must remember.

Cover your lenses
Most DSLR cameras come with front and rear lenses and it is important to keep the lens cap or cover on when not using. Some prefer to use protective filters to prevent dust and dirt. Ultraviolet filters are also very helpful as they protect the lenses well and prevent dirt from penetrating inside the lenses.

Clean carefully
A clean damp cloth is good to clean the lenses. You can wipe off the dust gently. Dirt on your camera lens can cause poor image quality. While cleaning one has to be very careful. Do it gently as rubbing vigorously can cause scratches. Avoid using generic cleaning solutions for your filter as it might affect the lenses. Also when you are changing the lenses remember to do it where it is dust free. Some people prefer to use lens which is a carbon based lens cleaner pen and is easy to carry. All you need to do is to gently wipe the lens using the tip of the carbon pen and remove the dirt or dust.

Use a blower
Using a blower is the safest way to clean the lens especially if you have just visited a beach. For stains and fingerprints though it is better to use a damp cloth.

Store well
Protecting your camera lens from damage is the most important thing to do. Always have a hard cased camera bag. Wrapping it up with a lint-free material will help to keep away the dust and prevent scratches. Avoid keeping your camera under direct sunlight or even in a very damp room.

Keep a lens care kit
While a damp cloth is handy in maintaining your lenses, having a lens care kit along especially when you are travelling is ideal. Most kits contain a two-sided brush which has a foam eraser to remove smudges from the lenses. The kit also includes cleaning solution, blowers and a specialty lens cloth.