OmanPride: Event organiser supporting children with special needs

More sports Sunday 18/June/2017 19:03 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Event organiser supporting children with special needs

Reema Al Sajwani, a social worker and event organiser for SMEs, always wanted to bring a smile on others’ face. She had a special place in her heart for people with disabilities and being immensely talented she decided to use her entrepreneurial skills for a bigger cause, that is to help people, especially children, with special needs.

Reema till date has successfully organised charitable events for those with special needs and has also made countless visits to hospitals, where she organises simple-yet-fun events for cancer patients.
“My brother was of special needs and I saw him suffer every single day of his life. It was then when I decided that I’ll do my best to help children with special needs and make them free of pain,” Reema said when asked about the reasons behind her involvement in charity.

Reema’s parents had to go through several hardships while bringing up her brother. Reema grew up witnessing their plight and that’s when she decided to make a difference even if it was in a very small way.
Reema said that her efforts in organising charitable events has not only made her stronger but also taught her to be supportive of others.

Maintaining her soft nature Reema is always caring when it comes to dealing with people with disabilities.
Apart from being involved in such social initiatives she also organises fashion shows, exhibitions, and events that target or support SMEs. She uses her event management skills in supporting other businesses that need her acumen, thus helping the newcomers in this field.

One of the things that Reema learned through her journey is to make everyone happy and to help people with no expectations of anything in return. “Be there for those who need you even if no one is next to you when you need them,” said Reema. Apart from her charity work on supporting SMEs, she is a fashion designer with 11 years of experience and author of her book titled My Story in which she wrote about her entire journey. She is also gearing up for signature fashion event The Glamour Show 2017. While she expresses her gratitude to Sheikh Salah Al Mawali who made her a successful event organiser with his continuous support, Reema says that she derived all her strength and inspiration from her mother who gave her the courage to work selflessly for those in need.