Oman dining: Have an iftar at Jashn Indian Restaurant

T-Mag Wednesday 07/June/2017 12:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman dining: Have an iftar at Jashn Indian Restaurant

During Ramadan with so many Iftar options in town it becomes difficult to choose one from the many. And so when we decided to visit Jashn to try their exhaustive range of delicious dishes, I was quite curious as I had heard a lot about Jashn before and its growing popularity for serving fusion food. Iftar at Jashn is a sit-in affair, a new concept which Jashn is famous for and within a few minutes of our visit I was totally impressed not just by the sumptuous food but also by their warm hospitality. We started with the famous panipuri shots which though not a part of the Iftar menu but was quite welcoming to begin with. With six different shots and with liquid nitrogen popping from the ice, this street snack from India was relished to the core. Coming to the Iftar menu it has option of both vegetarian and non vegetarian with many choices. We started with a complimentary dish of fruits and nuts along with some fritters. For those who prefer to break their fast by a cool drink have a choice of fresh juices or Jashn E Khaas, a great thirst quencher made of syrup, gulkand, and fresh yoghurt and topped with crushed nuts.

The veg starters include sesame crusted sweet potato dumplings, stuffed tandoori bharwan aloo, paneer tikka and subz shikhampur kebab with smoked apple raita, pomegranate caviar, and saffron aioli. One can choose any two from the list.

For non vegetarian starters we had Raan e Murgh that is chicken drumsticks deboned and marinated overnight in pepper, cardamom, and buttermilk and grilled to perfection. This is served with a spicy fruit chutney. Shammi Shikhampur kebab is one of the most ancient kebabs, and is served with classic mint chutney, and lemon foam. Makrut Murgh Tikka was coated in kafir lime paste and had a smoky taste. It was garnished with micro herbs and served with pickled mango sauce. Surkh Machli Tikka is a fish tikka, with pickle and blueberry chutney, peanuts and sesame crushed. Keeping the flavours of fusion cuisine in all the dishes, the delicacies served were different from the usual fare.
For the main course you can chose any one from these. Go for Murgh Tikka Makkhanwala that is chicken tikka simmered in a rich tomato and cream sauce or select Gosht ki Nihari, that is baby goat simmered overnight in select spices. This is a very famous North Indian cuisine especially eaten during the Holy Month. Fish lovers can choose Methi Machhli curry that is poached in fenugreek and tomato sauce.

For the vegetarians you can choose from Hyderabadi Handi Paneer where paneer cubes are simmered in a smooth gravy.
Kadai Subz Nawabi is a stir-fried vegetable dish with a robust mix of five spices and Gulnaar Kofta is paneer and dried fig dumplings simmered in a korma gravy. Both turned out to be my favourite for its soft and creamy side with a hint of sweetness.

All these are served with a bread basket, black lentils, and Murgh Awadh Biryani, a specialty from Lucknow, India or the vegetarian option Subz Moti Biryani.
No meal is complete without the desserts. Gajar Halwa spring roll is certainly not to be missed along with homemade kulfi. You cannot end the meal without the famous masala chai and cardamom naan khatai biscuits. Indulge in this lavish fare this weekend. [email protected]

Jashn Indian Restaurant, Al Khuwair (Opp Safeer International Hotel)
Call: +968 2448 8521

Cost: OMR 7.9 per person and is unlimited
Open from 6:30pm till 8pm.