OmanPride: Safiya Al Bahlani, touching hearts through art

More sports Tuesday 06/June/2017 20:39 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Safiya Al Bahlani, touching hearts through art

A soul full of creative juice and passion for charity is what sums up this lovely lady. Meet Safiya Al Bahlani, an artist who found her reason and voice through the medium of art. Being part of a social movement or an organisation that aims to lend a helping hand to those in need, or add a sparkle to the lives of others was always a joy for Al Bahlani.

Her charitable habits began when she was very young and would sit and observe how her mother put effort in doing social work. Al Bahlani used to help out alongside her mother, and it has been embedded in her ever since. Today, she is all grown up to became an artist, who loves to craft artworks, but also follows her mother’s footsteps by dedicating some time to give back to society and offer free art classes for children.

One of her charitable contributions took place at the Dar Al Aman residential centre in Al Khoudh, which is a place that hosts the severely disabled where the artist decorated a children’s room. “My mother and I had discussed how it would brighten the place up, so we came up with paintings on the wall; and got the community to be a part of this initiative,” said Al Bahlani.

“I believe you are just as responsible if you hold yourself as part of a community, to contribute,” she expressed, adding “It teaches you how truly blessed you are, and how much you, as a person, can give.” The young artist began her art journey at an early age, she adored scribbling as she would paint away her frustrations and emotions. As she grew, she started to find her voice in art.

At the age of 14, she drew the first portrait of her beloved mother, only to realise that she was destined to become an artist and make a career out of it. Al Bahlani studied graphic design in Oman, and continued her studies in animation and filmmaking in Jordan. She also held her first exhibition in Jordan that featured 38 paintings, followed by more exhibitions in Muscat. She has worked with Unicef, and was part of the TED X Muscat, TED X Roseville Switzerland, and Sam Global events to name a few. As it is evident in Al Bahlani’s work, the future is only bright for this young lady.
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