497 labour law violators deported from Oman

Energy Tuesday 06/June/2017 21:05 PM
By: Times News Service
497 labour law violators deported from Oman

Muscat: Almost 500 violators of the Labour Law were recorded last week, according to the Ministry of Manpower.
Between May 28 to June 3, the Ministry of Manpower’s labour inspection team found 497 cases that were in violation of the Labour Law.
Of these cases, 398 were commercial workers, 47 were agricultural workers, and 52 were domestic workers.
After investigating the violations, 492 workers were arrested, including 222 fugitive workers. 256 astray workers and 14 workers did not carry official documents.
The South Al Sharqiya Governorate recorded the highest number of violations during this period, at 150 cases, followed by Muscat Governorate 117 cases.
107 workers were arrested and deported last month in Buraimi.
The Ministry of Manpower also recorded during this week the deportation of 370 workers as a result of the violation of the provisions of the Labour Law.
In Buraimi, the Manpower Directorate caught 50 workers in violation of the labour laws and regulations in the Sultanate last month.
Of the 50 workers arrested, 42 were found to have irregularities in their commercial licenses, 4 workers were caught in private professions, and 4 workers had issues regarding their agricultural professions. After investigations, 32 of the workers were found to have absconded their registered Manpower roles, and 18 workers were part of the demobilised labour force.
Within the same month, 57 workers were deported out of the country as a result of their violations of the provisions of the Labour Law. Of the 57 workers, 53 had commercial professions, while four workers had private professions.
The authorities at the Ministry of Manpower have proceeded with legal action towards the cases.
“This is a continuation of the Ministry's efforts to regulate the labour market, reduce the phenomenon of hidden trade, and follow up with violators,” the Ministry statement read.