5 interesting food combinations that work

Lifestyle Monday 05/June/2017 18:42 PM
By: Times News Service
5 interesting food combinations that work

5 interesting food combinations that work Soy sauce and ice cream Soy sauce is comprised of a range of aromatic flavours; sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. It is said that this vast variety of compounds is one of the reasons why it goes so well with so many different types of food, especially ice cream. The savoury and saltiness of the soy sauce enhances the sweetness of the ice cream. The many flavours in soy sauce can even make your ice cream seem richer than it is. It even could give off a caramel taste. The next time you indulge in ice cream, why not add a little soy sauce to add a flavoursome twist on a traditional dessert?

Noodles and cheese Cheese pretty much works with everything, but have you ever thought about putting it on your 2 minute noodles? Grating cheese on top of your noodles intensifies the saltiness of the carby noodles and adds just that little more flavour. Plus, who doesn’t love pairing 2 foods together that are relatively cheap but make you feel like you are having a fancy meal.

Garlic bread and bolognese Bolognese garlic baguette combines 2 classics that Australians love. The base is garlic bread, stuffed with beef and bolognese sauce, then topped off with cheesy mozzarella. The garlic goodness paired with the hearty beef and delectable cheese create the perfect flavour. Combining this all time favourite entree and main meal will create a serious sensory overload.

Vegemite and avocado An Aussie classic, vegemite and avocado paired together on toast creates a beautiful breakfast combination. The saltiness of the vegemite brings out the subtle flavours of the avocado. It’s just like adding salt but better. Just don’t go too crazy with the vegemite, it’s quite salty and can overpower the subtle flavour of the avocado.

Banana and meat The combination of banana and meat by themselves or paired with waffles or pancakes is an unbeatable combination of food. The sweetness of the banana is enhanced by the smoky, salty flavours of the meat. It confuses the taste palette but in the best way possible. You could make banana and meat pancakes or create your own banana snack bites.