Militants stage deadly terror attack in London

T TV Sunday 04/June/2017 14:14 PM
By: Times News Service

Police say at least six people were killed as militants plowed a van into a crowd on London Bridge, and then stabbed others.
Police efforts focused on a deadly militant attack in London Saturday (June 3) night.
Authorities say at least six people were killed as well as three attackers in what officials are calling an act of terror.
Police say they believe there were no additional attackers beyond the three, who were shot and killed by armed officers.
Three major London hospitals are now on lockdown to keep patients and staff safe.
They say at least 30 people were taken in by ambulance for injuries.
Police say they were called out to reports of a van plowing through pedestrians and passers-by on the London Bridge.
Shortly after that, emergency services answered reports of stabbings in nearby Borough Market.
Officials say armed units responded within minutes of the first emergency call.
Police say the attackers wore what what looked like explosive vests, which were apparently hoaxes.
Dozens of people caught in the attack in area were later escorted through a police cordon.
Some witnesses describing what they saw.
IS militant group sent out a call earlier on Saturday to its followers to launch attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
London's Thames river police said it was working with lifeboat rescue to locate any people that had jumped away from the attack on the bridg.e