OmanPride: Iftar is a sacred occasion

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Iftar is a sacred occasion

#ReadersResponses: Ramadan is a time for sacrifice, for thinking of others, and is a test of physical and mental resilience. One that makes the 7 o’clock call to break one’s fast an announcement that people eagerly wait for as they meet and greet their loved ones for Iftar.

Times of Oman spoke to those who are fasting this Holy Month and they keenly shared their views on the significance of Iftar. “Iftar to me is most gracious because it is the most important time to connect with our Allah,” said Mohammed Osama Rawat.

“Iftar is the most appropriate prayer time as all our legitimate prayers are gracefully accepted by Allah at this time and there is nothing more satisfying than this. “Indeed it’s a sacred part of one’s life, as a fasting person has two forms of happiness awaiting him,” added A.P. Ahamed. “These are, happiness at the time of breaking one’s fast and the everlasting happiness when he meets Allah in his prayers.”

Also, Iftar has never been about the food on offer. That is merely symbolic. What people looked forward to is the sacred and unbreakable bond formed through prayers, and this reflected in many of the responses received.

“Iftar to me is to form a connection with Allah so that he may accept our fast and our prayers,” explained Seif Taher. “I wish plenty of long life to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who has always ensured that we are taken care of when we break our fast and attend Iftar. “People in other parts of the world fast and sometimes don’t even know what they will have for food. So I will always be grateful for that.”

“To me, Iftar is a symbol of eternal peace,” added Muhammed Asger. “Wherever you are, or whichever mosque you may be in, this is the time to be thankful. Praying before Iftar has always been a very peaceful time for me.”

Nayaz Ahmed was also quick to add his thoughts on Iftar. “The doors of heaven are open at the time of Iftar and because it is a time for all of us to request God to bless us with his forgiveness for all the sins that we have committed.” Others though, love the atmosphere of family and sharing, and the relief that it brings after a day of fasting.

“You feel an amazing peace within, during Ramadan and at Iftar the feel of water which enters your lips is pure bliss,” revealed Azhar Abrar, while Mohammed Ehsanullah added, “The gathering of family members who join us after they have taken care of their duties throughout the day is very welcoming.”

“It is a truly lovely gathering,” exclaimed Khami Williams, as Mariam Ghafoor said, “Iftar to me is a wonderful period with family.” “Personally Iftar means drinking cold water and eating cold fruits, and then eating fish with salad, along with sweet dates,” said Mohammed Abdel Fattah. “Of course I’m not alone when I do this, but eating with my family members makes it all the more tasty.” [email protected]