Images of worship: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Home & Away Sunday 28/May/2017 20:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Images of worship: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Everyone who lives in Muscat has driven past the architectural wonder that is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, many have visited, and many have prayed there too. This iconic monument of faith is not only a wonderful place of reflection and prayer, it is also home to an architectural museum of sorts, paying homage to the various eras of Islamic design, as well as many notable modern architectural features that serve as inspiration for the eyes and soul.

Contemporary Ceramics and Patterns
Mosaic can add a majestic touch to any space it occupies. This extensive art was first adopted in Anatolia in 7th AH, followed by Iran. These designs inspired the world, especially Europe, countries including Spain and China created variations based on this technique. The designs are mainly geometric and floral, and designed to give a 3D effect, with a colour palette covering gold, blue, and terracotta.
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