Stellar performance by ISG students

Oman Sunday 28/May/2017 20:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Stellar performance by ISG students

Muscat: Reviewing the names of ISG graduates, there have been innumerable stars who have set a mark for themselves and left a glittering trail. CBSE Senior Secondary Exam results for the year 2016-2017 are no exception.
A total of 141 students appeared for the exams in both the Science and Commerce stream.
Out of 80 students who participated in the Science stream, 40 have scored an aggregate of more than 90%, and 32 out of 61 students in the Commerce stream scored an aggregate of above 80%.
In the Science Stream, Thejas Sasikumar scored 97.2% and topped the list, followed by Aditya Deepak and Priyanka Dasgupta, scoring 97% in the second position and Abha Abhay Wadjikar, Nechal Maggon and Amartya Jagdish Naik with 96% in third place.
The top position in the Commerce stream has been secured by Durva J Mahalewith at 97.8%, followed by Dipesh Halderwith with 95.8%, and Kavya Kasiraman with 95.4%.
The highlight of this year’s commendable achievement is a 100 scored by Tejas Sasikumar in Mathematics, Priyanka Dasguptaand Palandira Ponnanna Bopaiahin Engineering Graphics and Durva J Mahalein in Accountancy.
Top honours in individual subjects are as follows:
Physics –Thejas Sasikumar (98), Chemistry – Aditya Deepak and Sarah Hussain (99), Biology –Amartya Jagdish Naik (95), Computer Science–Aditya Deepak and Ashwin Sankar (98).
Individual toppers in the Commerce Stream are as follows:
Economics– Durva J Mahale (98), Business Studies–Durva J Mahale (99), Informatics Practices –Rhea Naresh Chandwani, Jumana Habil Bhagat, Thummala Sai Jagruthi and Aravindakshan Rajesh (99) , Multimedia & Web Technology – Jonathan Mark Pinto (96) .
An exceptionally brilliant performance in English was recorded by Anna Mathew with a 99%.
The ISG family is proud of its students, who have brought glory to their alma mater. The School Management Committee has heaped praises on the teachers for their herculean efforts and has thanked the parents for their continuous support.