OmanPride: Ramadan is a time for giving and sharing

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Ramadan is a time for giving and sharing

#ReadersResponses: With Oman gearing up for Ramadan, which is expected to begin early next week, residents in the Sultanate have shared their thoughts on what the Holy Month means to them. “The month of Ramadan has been regarded as the leader of the rest of the months of the Islamic calendar,” said Mohammed Mirza. “The month derives its name from the root Ramdh, which has several meanings, all of which go in line with the spiritual benefits and the functionality of this month.”

“Ramdh, according to the scholars means ‘burning agent,” Mirza added. “The connotative meanings derived by them say that this is the month that burns out all of the sinful deeds, if they (people) fast obeying all the rules and fulfilling all demands. This is one of the most authentic meanings of Ramadan.”

“Ramadan to me is a month to practice and strengthen the art of submission towards the commandment of our Lord,” said resident Mohammed Osama Rawat. “The spiritual strength attained during this month must continue till we enter into the next month of Ramadan. The days and nights of this month should be devoted and pledged only towards spiritual activities, and asking forgiveness for any unwanted and unacceptable deeds that we have knowingly or unknowingly indulged in.” “Ramadan is a month to brush off the rust, if at all it has covered up the glitter of spirituality and the human values and morality of our mind, body and soul,” Rawat stated. “My sincere good wishes to our brothers and sisters all over the globe and I wish that our Lord blesses us with all the promised benefits of this special month.”

Another resident, Rabia Butt, also had a similar opinion. “Ramadan is a month of blessings,” she said. “The Holy Months come to us so that we can do fasting. “Fasting doesn’t just mean remaining hungry only. It is the month of good deeds, giving and spreading love and practising patience and tolerance. It is a month for everyone to receive blessing by living our lives the right way.”

While those who fasted were happy to share their views on Ramadan, residents of other faiths also hold the Holy Month in high esteem.

“Ramadan is a time of the cleansing of our souls,” ventured Sally Lorenzo. “It is a chance to forgive those people who hurt you and at the same time forgive ourselves for the sins we’ve committed. Ramadan is a chance to once again start our lives to live the right way, and it is a day to make our beliefs more strong, as I believe our faith in something should be stronger than anything else. Ramadan Kareem to everyone.”

Shushruth Shetty said, “Ramadan according to me means the act of giving. The fasting my friends do is a sign of respect and a sign of gratitude to God for giving us everything. The act of charity, which is highly predominant during this period, is an act of giving. It is a sign of brotherhood and respect. Ramadan is undoubtedly one of the best periods of a person’s life because it shows people how to respect others.”
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