Indian schools in Oman to introduce new teacher recruitment rules

Oman Tuesday 23/May/2017 21:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian schools in Oman to introduce new teacher recruitment rules

Muscat: Getting a job at Indian Schools will be tougher as the authorities introduce a new recruitment process to improve the teaching standards at 19 schools.
Speaking to Times of Oman, Wilson V. George, chairman, Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman, said that the new procedures will include several stages of tests and a panel interview process which will be based on international practices to analyse candidates’ subject knowledge, pedagogical understanding and practical lesson planning skills.
The move is in line with the board initiative to improve the teaching standards in the schools in schools.
“We have introduced the guidelines in Human Resource (HR) manual, which was recently launched,” he said.
He also said that the manual is expected to streamline the processes of recruitment, benefits, performance appraisals and leaves.
“The clear and consistent steps to be followed for any of the above processes and the authorities assigned in the manual is going to transform the work environment to a more professional and friendly one for the teachers.
“This positive impact on motivation levels and the morale of teachers is going to reflect on their output, which will directly benefit the students and in turn will reflect in the performance of the schools,” he said.
George released the manual and handed over the first copy to Suresh V.S, the Vice Principal of Indian School Muladha.
In order to accentuate the employee perspective in the manual, the task force that drafted the manual consisted of teachers from different Indian Schools.
The Chairman stated that the manual are to be implemented and the next review of the manual will be in May 2018, after analysing its implications at various levels, he said.
Kurian Eapen Chandrathil, leader of the task force that worked behind drafting the manual, said that the manual adheres to the directives of the Ministry of Education and the laws of Ministry of Manpower.
He also said the manual would be a standard document for all Indian Schools in the Oman, guiding them to conduct, monitor and control various human resource-related operations in a consistent manner.
“Implementation of the manual is expected to help the schools transform their human relation related operations from an individual dependent model to a system dependent model, which in turn will help the teachers and other employees in a big way,” Wilson said.