Calls for Ramadan ration and iftar meals donation

Home & Away Sunday 21/May/2017 21:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Calls for Ramadan ration and iftar meals donation

Muscat: Dar Al Atta’a has urged the public to make donations to their Ramadan ration and iftar meals programme.
Last year, the organisation had distributed 1,000 ration packages all across the country. The public has now invited to donate OMR30 per Ramadan ration package and OMR1.5 per iftar meal if they want to contribute towards the programme this year.
Those willing to donate can do so by transferring the amounts to Dar Al Atta’a Bank Muscat account 0315003966850024 or to their office in Madinat Qaboos. Donations can also be made online at For further information, call 24692996 / 24602882.
“Cost for a hundred meals for one full month is OMR4,500 and for 50 meals for a whole month is OMR2,250,” said a spokesperson from Dar Al Atta’a.
Iftar meals will be distributed by Dar al Atta’a and other charity groups across the country during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A number of in-house and corporate volunteers will also be working with the organisation to help distribute the meals and parcels.
Besides the ration package and iftar meals distribution, Dar Al Atta’a is also helping restore and build houses across the country.
At the recent annual gala dinner, a spokesperson from Dar Al Atta’a said, “The generous donations received last year enabled Dar Al Atta’a to grow its programme and execute a number of noteworthy projects, including, and not limited to, building six houses and renovating 57 others in 29 Wilayats, which is a remarkable milestone and new achievement in the track record of our association.”
Since the establishment of Dar Al Atta’a in 2002, the association has been working hard to deliver several charity projects under various programmes that were not only financed, but also managed and supervised by the association.
Many of these programmes aim to empower families in need to overcome difficulties that they may face in their lives and help provide them with sustainable and honourable living standards.