5 simple ways to naturally relieve bloating

Lifestyle Saturday 20/May/2017 20:25 PM
By: Times News Service
5 simple ways to naturally relieve bloating

Bloating is not only uncomfortable but it can be particularly inconvenient when you want to look and feel your best in the summer. While symptoms can seem unpredictable there are simple and natural ways you can prevent and relieve both bloating and gas.

• Up your fibre. You’ve probably heard that fibre is essential for your digestive system. What you may not know is that certain types of fibre called prebiotics feed the bacteria in your gut.
Without enough of it your microbial diversity can be limited negatively impacting your ability to break down and metabolise food. Examine your diet and add whole foods rich in prebiotic fibre or find a food-based prebiotic supplement to ensure you’re getting enough each day.

• Eat mindfully. Overeating as well as eating too quickly causes air to get trapped in your digestive tract. Eat mindfully and slowly. It’ll help you feel fuller faster and keep your abdomen in check.

• Know yourself. Follow your gut and understand what works and what doesn’t for your body. From gluten and dairy to nuts and fried foods and way too much sugar in just about everything made in a factory it’s important to bring awareness to how your body handles certain ingredients. A holistic-minded general medical practitioner can help you identify the food sources that make your gut more likely to swell.

• Consider digestive enzymes. The enzymes in your digestive system break down food so it can nourish your body. Sadly the number of enzymes in your body decreases as you get older or more stressed out which opens the door for gas bloating and irregularity. Consider taking an enzyme supplement or eating more enzyme-rich foods such as raw fruits and veggies. Also be sure to find some time to shake off daily stress.

• Support your microbes. Gas and bloating are inevitable if your gut health isn’t in great shape. Unfortunately many aspects of modern life can deplete the beneficial bacteria we’re meant to have and create a microbial imbalance. The good news? Taking an effective probiotic supplement is one of the most powerful steps you can take toward achieving a lifestyle free of gas and bloating. Doing so can also support overall wellness, giving you more energy, improving digestion, strengthening your immune system, and even optimising your metabolism.

Banish the bloat by trying a premium probiotic formula designed to survive stomach acids like Hyperbiotics PRO-15 which can now be found at your local store. With 15 different strains of health-enhancing bacteria and a patented time-released delivery method the sensitive probiotic organisms are released over an eight-to 10-hour window so that they bypass the acidic environment of your stomach and arrive at their destination alive where they can set up shop and get to work supporting your digestion at its core.