Oman’s justice ministry calls for specialists to serve at the courts

Business Saturday 20/May/2017 20:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s justice ministry calls for specialists to serve at the courts

Muscat: Ministry of Justice has called upon specialists with specific areas of expertise to serve at courts, the officials announced recently.
In a statement, the Ministry called for specialists to register in order to be called to the courts for their expert assessments in the field. The list of almost 70 areas of expertise includes several professions within engineering, such as mechanical, oil and gas, marine, construction, agricultural, and telecommunications.
Business areas of knowledge include finance, real estate, contracts, taxes, investments, tenders, and inheritance issues.
Evaluating jewellery, ships, vehicles, or assets are also areas of knowledge that the Ministry has listed. Less conventional areas of expertise include diving, solar and wind power generation, pollution, artificial intelligence, traffic, interior design, and knowledge on wells and falaj water.
The list also traditionally lists DNA and forensic evidence expertise, as well as soil testing, firearms and machinery, computers and cyber crime, medical consultation, as well as legal translation.
In order to register as a specialist, individuals must be of good reputation. Their records must be clear of any criminal or disciplinary sentences. Individuals must have proof of degrees in their field of expertise, and must have experience practising their professions for at least five years.
Individuals must not be employed by the government, and must not have been crossed off the list of specialists in the past.
Applicants must be medically fit, and abide by the rules and limits set towards different professions by the Ministry.
The Ministry of Justice may accept applicants in fields other than the ones listed, if it serves the public interest.
Applicants must apply within two months of this notice being published, to the Directory of Specialists at the Ministry of Justice, with resumes and authenticated documents attached.
More areas of expertise on the list include: Civil engineering, electrical engineering, aviation engineering, environmental sciences, geology, valuing real estate, veterinary science, tourism, IT, nutrition, tenders, aluminium and UBC, transport engineering, mining, maintenance, and programming of mobile phones, road and construction engineering, quantitative survey engineering, assessing work injuries, intellectual and industrial property, asset valuation and investment, conditioning and cooling devices, media consulting, explosion engineering, occupational safety, evaluation of environmental and health impact, and marine equipment.