Oman Pride: Sayyida Mayya Al Said changing perceptions, raising awareness

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By: Times News Service
Oman Pride: Sayyida Mayya Al Said changing perceptions, raising awareness

There is nothing in this universe that works miracles better than having the desire to live a positive life full of love and happiness, and to make a change that will better the lives of those around us; it is a proven cure to emotional illness and a whole load of other things. Meet Her Highness Sayyida Mayya Al Said, a blogger and social influencer, who is not only known for her bright attitude and everlasting smile, but is also a soul that is determined to shed light on a number of issues that women in our society fear to tackle.

Sayyida Mayya has always been a compassionate woman who has dedicated her life to lending a hand and inspiring people, who are going through tough times in their lives, especially women. She is a blogger and influencer, who speaks four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Swahili. Her presence continues to influence thousands of people on social media and beyond.
Ever since she started her online mission, she has enjoyed sharing her life experiences with the world, in the hope to raise awareness on certain matters that she’s gone through, such as divorce. In return, society has shown her nothing but love.

She started her blog ‘The Sewist’ to give pointers to fellow Muslim women on simple lifestyle issues, which then became a platform to share her struggles, motives, and efforts in life, and most importantly left the viewer with some great advice. “I’m a Muslim woman, who wears a head scarf and speaks English; I wanted to be a positive influence, and educate those from the west and other parts of the world that we’re not oppressed,” she explained, adding that her endeavours are aimed at giving people an insight into women’s lives in Oman and changing people’s mindsets to being grateful. “It is something we need to be reminded of,” stated Sayyida Mayya.

One of her topics of interest is divorce. After going through separation, she wanted to represent the divorced Omani woman and stand up for her, as in some parts of the country it is still a taboo that’s usually swept under the rug. Today, a lot of people, including Sayyida Mayya are hoping to change these perceptions and educate women and the society that it is okay to be divorced and have a normal life without the need to hide away. Long gone are the days when a divorcee is seen as a shameful member of the society. “Divorce is an end of relationship, but it’s not the end of that person’s life,” explained Sayyida Mayya.

“One has to realise that people will talk, that you have to be comfortable with who you are, there’s nothing wrong with being divorced, and it doesn’t define who I am or define my future,” she added. Her blog and channel have inspired quite a number of people, which made her feel responsible and obliged to offer a helping hand to these women, and that is what keeps her going. She ran a support group for divorced women, which was created by HH Sayyida Basma Al Said, and to her is the most rewarding initiative she’s ever taken part in.

Sayyida Mayya was also part of a ‘Not Alone’ campaign of the Whispers of Serenity clinic, where they travelled across Oman to raise awareness and educate the society on mental health.
Although, it remains a taboo subject in town, giving up is not an option for the young lady, urging people to never lose hope on these social matters as they are of great importance and should not be overlooked. “Because we don’t understand it, we put a label on it, how can we label something we don’t understand?” asked Sayyida Mayya, adding that “If one person’s mindset changes, then you’ve made a difference.”

Sayyida Mayya will be starting her very own radio show during Ramadan entitled, ‘Love Your Life,’ and is soon to become a life coach with the Whispers of Serenity clinic. Keep up with her latest projects through her Instagram @thesewist
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