Schoolgirl’s sudden death

T TV Tuesday 09/May/2017 21:18 PM
By: Times News Service

What everyone thought was just a stomach pain ended up taking 7 year old Leeketha Baganna’s life.
Last week she vomited 3 times in school and was sent home still complaining of stomach pain.
She died before her father could come home from work to take her to hospital.
Her mother, who only spoke her native language couldn’t take her to the hospital because of transport and communication issues.
The family and the school authorities are still clueless regarding the cause of her death.
Quote: “Many a time, the parents cannot judge the seriousness of the patient. The complaint may look very simple like in this case, but let the hospital decide whether it is a trivial illness or a serious illness.”
Chairman of Al Hayat International Hospital in Muscat, Dr K P Raman.