OmanPride: Muscat Bay helping develop Qantab village

More sports Tuesday 09/May/2017 18:37 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Muscat Bay helping develop Qantab village

Muscat Bay, formerly known as Saraya Bandar Jissah, was recently in the news for all the right reasons, including the creation of 800 new jobs, rebranding, disclosure of project completion dates, and so on. However, the project is special because of the noble initiative of developing the neighbouring Qantab village.

“Qantab village is our neighbour and they will benefit from the project,” said Sheikh Hamood bin Sultan Al Hosni the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Muscat Bay. Everyone involved with the project understands that they are a core part of the wider community and believe that their success would be incomplete if they don’t give back to the community.

“We have done a few projects in Qantab. There is a community hall, football playground, fisherman stalls, and shades,” Muscat Bay’s CEO said. Muscat Bay has helped produce 10 new fishermen shades for the Qantab Beach fishermen, after an unfortunate fire incident occurred that ended up damaging the existing shades. “For fishermen, we are building them shades and we are talking to operators to deal with them in terms of buying the daily requirement of the hotel.” They have also created a full-size football pitch with the aim to promote the interests of the youth of Qantab and help in their overall development. “There are a lot of interaction and activities, even with the schools and (we organise) events during Ramadan too,” he said.

Muscat Bay wishes to sustainably improve the well-being of young village boys and girls through education. The project, which is part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, strives to make an impact through various social and environment initiatives. Muscat Bay has supported low or no-income families in Qantab by helping in home maintenance. They have also coordinated with Dar Al Atta’a, a charitable organisation, in order to understand and empathise with the individual needs of the underprivileged families in the neighbouring Qantab village.

With the grand opening scheduled for this year, the beautiful property that consists of residential homes, apartments, and hotels has proven that Muscat Bay is not just about profits and investment, but is persistently proactive in giving back to the society.
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