Tips for a perfect summer workout

Lifestyle Saturday 06/May/2017 21:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Tips for a perfect summer workout

1. Activate
Before any workout try to get the muscles activated and awake so they will respond better to the workout. Isometric or static contractions work great for this - think of a hip bridge where you hold at the top of the movement for 10 seconds. Three sets of these should wake up the muscle and get them ready for the workout.

2. Go for the Feel
Train with exercises that target the gluteus and not other leg muscles. If you can’t feel the gluteus working during the exercise then try to modify the exercise or use a different exercise. You must be able to feel the muscle working during the exercise.

3. Go Low!
Always try for full range of motion techniques, for example, with squats go as low as you can with good form and technique, the lower the hips are in relation to the knee the more the gluteus will be working.

4. Try Single Leg Work
Step ups, lunges and split squats all allow you to focus on just one leg and glutei at a time which can add more stress and ultimately more gains and more definition.

5. Don’t Forget to Add Some Resistance
You don’t have to go super heavy with weights, but sometimes bodyweight is not enough so adding weight via dumbbells or barbell can help get those gluteus working.

6. Frequency
If you want faster results then try to train the gluteus two or three times per week for a month, to see speedy results.

7. Have a Plan
Make sure you write your workout down before you go into the gym, with the full programme in place. Try to follow it for at least four workouts and try to improve each time with more reps, sets or weight.