Diversity on show at International School of Choueifat event in Oman

Oman Monday 22/February/2016 22:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Diversity on show at International School of Choueifat event in Oman

Muscat: Celebrating the wonder that it is, the multi-cultural International School of Choueifat–Muscat (ISC-Muscat) held its annual International Day event recently.
People from various nationalities from all over the world participated with high enthusiasm, showcasing diverse aspects of their culture and traditions.
The SABIS Student Life Organisation exceeded all expectations in making this wonderful event happen. Organisers had set up International Day stalls, and provided tables and tents, for each country, based on request.
The participants, including staff members, students and their friends and families, were in charge of bringing traditional and cultural display items and popular dishes of their respective countries. A beautiful blue sky and cool weather marked the International Day event at ISC-Muscat.
This year’s event was held in the school’s football field, which saw a sea of people thronging the venue donning traditional attire, captivating students, families and staff alike. Visitors and participants enjoyed their afternoon circulating around the field, indulging themselves as they tried out various delicacies and admiring what each of the stalls had on offer.
The International Day celebrations commenced with the Omani National Anthem, followed by a speech by the bubbly host, Nawaf Al Lawati (Grade 11S). He delivered a powerful message about unity and togetherness, and then came the wonderful performances prepared by the staff members, students, and their families.
The ISC-Muscat International Day event consisted of a range of great performances that included several songs performed by the school’s choirs, the “Tanoora” dance from Egypt, a Jordanian and a Palestinian “Dabkeh”, Omani, Iranian, and Indian dances and even poetry recitations.
The event concluded with an adorable fashion show, performed by the students of all ages where the colourful and beautiful traditional attire of several countries was on display.
It was clear that a lot of hard work and effort had gone into this event to make it all come together and run as smoothly as it did.