PACP cautions fuel stations charging extra from motorists in Oman

Business Monday 22/February/2016 22:49 PM
By: Times News Service
PACP cautions fuel stations charging extra from motorists in Oman

Muscat: Gas stations that are overcharging consumers must be reported, said Oman’s Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), urging drivers to check the fuel rates while refuelling their vehicles.
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A number of gas stations were found charging higher than the administered petrol and diesel rates.
On January 28, the Oman government had announced revised petrol and diesel prices.
Since February 1, the cost of super grade petrol has been 153 baisas per litre (against 160 a litre in January), 137 baisas for regular grade petrol (against 140 a litre), and 146 baisas for diesel per litre (against 160 a litre).
“The PACP has caught a number of gas stations in the Muscat governorate overcharging unaware motorists,” said Khalid Al Rashdi, head of the media department at PACP.
If the violation is repeated, gas stations may face harsher punishments, which could include shutting down the stations and withdrawal of commercial registration, Khalid Al Rashdi added.
So far, violators have only been fined and sent to the public prosecution for further investigations.
While all the violations that were reported in Muscat, Al Rashdi assured that the crackdown would be carried out by PACP officials across the Sultanate.
“We are expecting that many other petrol pumps inside and outside the capital are still cheating their customers and using false rates, which were hiked in January,” said Khalid, while urging drivers to check the rate difference between regular and super petrol prices.
The PACP also called on citizens and residents to keep an eye on the monthly updates released by Oman’s Oil and Gas ministry regarding the revised petrol prices so that they are not taken for a ride by the fuel outlets.
Al Rashdi added that some petrol pumps workers had even refused to refuel vehicles for eight hours, waiting for the ministry’s decision to amend the price, in hope to squeeze extra money from their customers. “Others refused to implement the newer and cheaper prices,” he said.
Hilal bin Saud Al Ismaili, director of the Regulation and Market Surveillance Department, advised people to report any instance of overcharging to PACP by calling +968 800 77997.