6 tips on how to use tea for beauty

T-Mag Wednesday 03/May/2017 18:26 PM
By: Times News Service
6 tips on how to use tea for beauty

It is that time of the year when beaches become crowded, pools get swarmed up, and hot Starbucks coffees are exchanged with fruity popsicles. With the summer sun over our head why should anyone care to sip a hot cup of tea? But summer also means having a refreshed look sans the sweltering heat and so in this tea special issue we bring a few secrets to a refreshed look and a glowing skin that you can attain with tea without sipping it. For ages, beauty expert used tea to heal a variety of things that our skin and hair go through, and they used all sorts of teas, from red to black, to the so-called healthy green tea, mainly because these leafy ingredients are full of antioxidants that fight ageing and keep the skin in an ever-glowing state. Here’s how to get your natural radiance.

Get that Complexion Fixed
The wonders of green tea doesn’t stop at weight loss and health. It also helps to get rid of blemishes, scars, and other patches that your skin has. It reduces inflammation and perks up the elasticity too, giving your skin that million-dollar glow.

Dodge a Wrinkly Mess
Tea is known for having antioxidants that helps in putting an end to sagging and wrinkly skin, as the properties delay the signs of ageing. Especially green tea because of its polyphenols that work hard to protect your skin from elements such as sun burns, which can speed up the whole ageing process.

Hydrate Away
This trendy brew makes for a perfect natural skin toner, as it helps eliminating impurities and shrink your pores, which will result in a gorgeous skin that looks flawless. Drizzle a bit of your favourite essential oil in the tea and apply it across your face.

Become a Kardashian
If you are keeping up with the Kardashians, then you must have realised how beautifully tanned and glowing their skin is. Well, I do not know their secret remedy but tea can work its magic on your skin too. You can rub it on your limbs using a sponge, or prepare your bath tub with some black tea and soak your body in it.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Puffy Eyes
This relatively cheap tea treatment is pure magic. After sipping on your delicious Earl Grey tea, keep the used teabag for your eyes as they help in shrinking your blood vessels and clean the dark patch that radically dominates the area under your eyes.

Whip that Hair Back and Forth
Final tip is reserved for the hair. Summertime means outdoor activities, which means there will be no room for ‘bad hair day’. Tea leaves can transform dull hair to healthy, shiny one. Boil your black or green tea for about 15 minutes and let it sit overnight before pouring it into your hair. Wash thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner afterwards. [email protected]

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