Oman celebrates Learning Difficulties Day

Oman Tuesday 02/May/2017 11:44 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman celebrates Learning Difficulties Day

Muscat: The Sultanate is celebrating Learning Difficulties Day today, The Ministry of Education announced.

As part of a Gulf-wide celebration, the Ministry hopes to raise awareness and educate society about learning difficulties, ways of detecting them early in age, as well as means to manage them.

“It is important to celebrate the Gulf Learning Difficulties Day because it highlights this segment of students who are going through this experience, and the need to provide them with special educational services,” an official Ministry statement read.

The Ministry of Education implemented the Learning Difficulties Program, an educational program aimed at teaching students with learning difficulties and providing services that help students to match their peers in achieving the goals of the school curriculum.

The program is implemented in all schools for grades 1 to 4 in the Arabic language and Mathematics classes. Some schools have implemented the program for grades 5 and 6 in the Arabic language and Mathematics classes as well, where a specialized teacher would attend to the students.

“The Ministry hopes to introduce the community to the Ministry’s Learning Difficulties Program, and share research and scientific studies in the field, in order to help the parents of students who have these learning disabilities,” the statement added.

The Ministry is also holding awareness workshops on learning difficulties. Topics include defining a learning difficulty, the differences between learning difficulties, slow learning pace, school delays, and the implementation of the Program in the Sultanate.