Five easy kitchen hacks

Lifestyle Monday 01/May/2017 20:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Five easy kitchen hacks

1. To thicken gravies with onion tomato base: Grind 5-6 soaked cashew nuts or blanched almonds to a fine paste and add it to gravies. Then cook for a few minutes.

2. To sprout legumes: Wash and soak them overnight. The next day rinse, drain the water and tie loosely in a cloth and keep it in a casserole. Leave it undisturbed for 10 hours. It will sprout well. You can store the sprouts in a container and use it as required.

3. Boil orange peels with cloves to get rid of unpleasant smell in kitchen.

4. If food gets burnt in a pan do not waste time trying to scrape it off. Slice a large onion in the pan with boiling water and heat for some time, the burnt area will loosen and rise to the top.

5. To prevent eyes from watering while cutting onions, dip knife in hot water or place a bowl of water next to the cutting area.
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