Oman wellness: 5 home remedies to cure stye

Lifestyle Saturday 29/April/2017 19:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman wellness: 5 home remedies to cure stye

Stye is a pimple like red bump that forms on the eyelid, mostly outside. It occurs due to block in the oil glands of our eyelids around the eyelashes. The common symptoms of stye include pain and swelling, and itchiness. A stye lasts for about three to five days and almost 10 days for complete healing. But it is important to see a doctor when it gets bigger and more painful or is reoccurring. While it is important to check with an eye specialist there are few home remedies that can relieve you of the pain.

1. Using a warm compress is helpful when you get a stye and your eyes itch. Take a clean cotton cloth and immerse it in warm water. Wring the cloth well and while it’s warm place it gently on your eyes. Do this for 3-4 times in a day. Simultaneously you can also clean your eyes with mild soap water or saline solution.

2. Using a warm tea bag also helps. All you need to do is let the tea steep for a while and then take the tea bag out. Place it over your eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. Take care not to use very hot tea bags and also always ensure that you use separate tea bags.

3. Avoid wearing contact lenses or any kind of eye makeup as it can cause delay in the cure. Also using makeup can spread the infection.

4. Gently massage your eyelids without touching the eyes. Ensure that your hands are clean when you are doing so. While styes are not contagious it’s important not to spread the infection through contacts.

5. Using aloe vera also helps. It is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory making it very soothing for the eyes. Cut open an aloe vera leaf and rub the gel gently on the infected eyelid. Wash it with lukewarm water. It helps to reduce the swelling and the inflammation. —[email protected]