#OmanPride: Keen contest in perfect Times Quiz prelims at Indian School Darsait

More sports Wednesday 26/April/2017 21:27 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Keen contest in perfect Times Quiz prelims at Indian School Darsait

Muscat: Junior and senior students of Indian School Darsait put their quizzing prowess to test at the prelims of the Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Contest (TOOISQC) held at the school yesterday.
From the outstanding response from the school it was evident that driven by an unending thirst for knowledge, quizzing is a passion for students and its teachers.
Dr Sridevi P Thashnath, principal, Indian School Darsait, said, “We geared up with excitement and enthusiasm to participate in the much-awaited Times of Oman Quiz which is the one of most prestigious events in the Sultanate of Oman. With a range of emotions, our children welcomed quiz master Lloyd Saldanha who enthralled them with tricky questions that intrigued and excited them further. Every team will try their level best with bated breath at the mega prelims and prelims so as to fit in the battle with the most crowd captivating person and the ruler of quizzing-Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam.”
Quiz master Lloyd Saldanha covered a wide range of topics which the students answered with a lot of enthusiasm.
Saldanha said, “Like clock-work ISD was well organised and the teams came well prepared. It’s the ability to think outside the box that helps teams to answer the tougher questions and I must add that both the sections from ISD did exceedingly well in that aspect.”
Dr Sathish Nambiar, managing director of Eventful /DOC LLC said, “At Indian School Darsait it was evident that there is a culture and desire to learn and know. It was heartening to see the great response from the students and excellent arrangement from the school. We are happy to be associated with this quiz primarily because it is an intellectual, classy and is the most keenly contested quiz programme for schools across Oman. This quiz is an opportunity to recognise and encourage bright minds on a large platform.”
Times of Oman has outsourced the organising of the 2017 edition of the interschool quiz to leading event management company, Eventful/Doc LLC.
A student who participated said, “Times of Oman inter school quiz is a good quiz with really good quiz masters and the exposure we get to great information here is really awesome.”
Oman’s favourite quiz master Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam in a recent interview had said, “The school and teacher are also the principle motivators for a programme such as this. If they provide or nudge their children to just take part once, that is enough for the child to get hooked on for a long time. Schools have also ensured especially at the school level of the quiz, that it gets all the support they can give to ensure several kids get a chance to take part.”
The fact that Indian School Darsait teachers and parents have been helping their children cultivate a liking for non-academic reading and browsing, not only from a quiz point of view but from an information appreciation point of view, was palpable at the prelims centre.

Mega Prelims Qualifiers
Indian School Darsait– Juniors

1Alok SachinAditya C. M.
2Alwin ThomasAkshay Sabu
3Alfred JosephAvinashSankar
4Vishal SreekumarVarun S. Nair
5Alffin PolyMuhammed Irfan K. M.
6Abhinav RaghuRaj Anil Kumar Ravat
7Abhiram DeepakKashinath
9Austin Joseph P.Angel Joseph P.
10Aboul Rahman SiddikSebi P. Kuriakose
11Akhilesh K.B. Deivarajan
12Nathaniel G. P.Mohammed Farhan G.
13Saujanya AnandAvani Jayant Manglurkar
14Jessica Mariam JiguAnjali Bobby
15Erin Maria MejoRishanAchath
16Aldrin TarsonAloorAaron Paul Tony
17G. Ananth KrishnanIshaan
18Musthafa S. V.Eben Varghese
19Mohammed Nazeer Abbas AhmedGeet Ambalal Patil
20Sara Ann JohnsonMerisa Rachel Joseph
22Muhammed ShaazAchintyaa Dinesh
23Visvajeeth KumarDharshan Kumar
24Emmanuel JohnyAbhinav Rajesh
25NandhanaShajuAngeline Mathew

Indian School Darsait– Seniors

1Hari Krishnan Lal PillaiSneha Ann Reji
2Hani P JamalVaishakSrikumar
4Joel JojoSaran S
5Satvik MishraThanoojKambrath
6Shivakrishna ManojAllen SiviDevasi
7Angitha Ann TomAmeesha Ajay
8Aditya ManojMatthew K Alex
9AmithPrashanthAbhijit Ayachit
10Devansh MohanAnandhadeyal
11Neel BharatDarren Lennie
12Alan Mishael KPAnakhaMol Prakash
13Nebin Mathai MathewVijin Vinod
14AfnaanShafirAwkith Prakash
15Aditya B PanickerSaunak Bhattacharya
16Arun PrakashVyshakUllas