Dining: Muscat's best sandwiches

Lifestyle Monday 22/February/2016 17:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Dining: Muscat's best sandwiches

There was a time when a sandwich meant just two slices of bread with a filling of your choice. But not anymore. Now they are not just a quick meal on the go but instead a fanciful, culinary delight, with a complete makeover over the years. While there are different ways to prepare them at home, what if you are feeling too lazy to make one? Here’s a list of Muscat’s most popular sandwich joints. Turn to these fresh and tasty sandwiches as there are plenty to choose from.

Just Grilled
I was expecting two slices of bread clamped around chicken with shredded veggies when I ordered a chicken panini sandwich. My friend opted for the spicy black bean sandwich. I was in for a surprise when our plates were placed on the table. While the panini was properly filled with grilled chicken breast, roasted bell pepper, sliced provolone cheese, and pesto aioli, the spicy black bean sandwich was made of homemade black bean mixture compressed between slices of focaccia, a flat oven-baked bread, parmesan cheese, and sun dried tomatoes.
Location: Shatti Al Qurum
Contact: +968 2460 1290

The Crafty Kitchen
Crafty Kitchen boasts a whole range of sandwiches especially those that are ideal for lunch. Try the Tuscan rosemary focaccia, that is tapanede with sun dried tomato and farm cheese, or the oak smoked chicken, which is chicken breast slices with lettuce, cucumber, and herb cream. You can select your filling with your choice of baguette.
Location: Al Noor Plaza, Madinat Qaboos Street
Contact: +968 2469 6660

Mr Tantoni
The Tantoni sandwiches with filling of chicken, meat, and liver is an interesting twist to the normal sandwich that we are used to. While the usual Turkish breakfast of jam, black olives, cheese, crispy cheese rolls, tomatoes and cucumber, Shakshouka eggs and Turkish tea is famous, the Tantoni sandwiches are not to be missed.
Location: Al Khuwair, Near Turkish House
Contact: +968 9366 6299

Kamat Restaurant
Try their famous Bombay club sandwich. A complete vegetarian dish, it is grilled to perfection with fillings of coriander and mint chutney along with spices. Good for a quick lunch or an evening snack.
Location: Ruwi, Rex Road, Al Khuwair
Contact: +968 2478 3300 (Ruwi), +968 2479 3355 (Rex Road), +968 2447 9243 (Al Khuwair)

Shuwa Diners
The Arabian version of sandwiches have given a new form to the traditional sandwiches in this outlet. So if you are in real shuwa. mood for the day, try shuwa panini, shuwa club, or their quesadilla stuffed with shuwa. Shuwa is specialty food in Oman where meat is laced with varied spices and cooked underground. For other options try their sandwiches of soft baguettes with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, jalapeno, and shuwa. The signature sandwiches, with filling options of lamb, chicken, fish, and mashakik are also quite flavourful.
Location: Jawharat Al Shatti, Shatti Qurum
Contact: +968 2469 9976

Sahtain is known for serving freshly made sandwiches. They are not just fresh, but value for money too. We tried the one with fresh mozzarella cheese, infused in fresh sun-dried tomatoes and arugula pesto and sandwiched in lightly toasted whole wheat bread. Though there aren’t too many options but the one with multigrain bread with shredded chicken, roasted red pepper, and honey mustard is worth a try.
Location: Fun Zone, Qurum
Contact: +968 2466 2978

Doganza Oman
We were three and we asked for three different varieties. New York sandwich, Doganza pepper meal, and Doganza chilli flames sandwich. While the pepper meal sandwich is laden with mustard sauce, the chilli flames is hot. and New York sandwich is a mix of BBQ sauce and mustard sauce giving it sweet and sour flavour.
Location : Masa Mall, Shatti Qurum
Contact: +968 9444 5262

D’Arcy’s Kitchen
Grilled halloumi cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onions with sumac spice, and lettuce leaves laid on bed of tender grilled aubergine and served in Granary bread is the main attraction at Darcy’s Kitchen. This delicious sandwich is filled with Mediterranean flavours. The roasted chicken mixed with an exotic dressing of mayonnaise, mango chutney, lime pickle, and fragrant spices add on to the flavours.
Location: Shatti Al Qurum & Madinat Qaboos
Contact: +968 2460 0234 (Shatti), +968 2469 9119 ( MSQ)