Rumours bogus, Masarat water level in Ibri safe

Energy Tuesday 25/April/2017 11:13 AM
By: Times News Service
Rumours bogus, Masarat water level in Ibri safe

Muscat: Social media rumours about drying up of water in the Ibri water basin are false, according to government officials.

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) took to social media on Monday evening to clear up rumours circulating about the Masarat water basin network in the Governorate of Al Dhahira.

“We would like to clarify that there is a relative decrease in the level of water at the well basin, due to the decrease in rainfall. As a precautionary measure, the Public Authority for Electricity and Water has been digging several wells, which have been connected to the network of wells. Work hours have also been decreased for tankers in locations that are connected to the Masarat basin,” the statement read.

The PAEW also posted tweets from one of their engineers Abdullah Al Nuaimi, who wrote, “We began the launch of a new tanker system, which has affected the level of transport, and we can confirm that the issue of drought is a rumour. There is a slight drop in the level of water, but we started digging 10 new wells to avoid water shortage. The additional wells will serve as support, with one well covering 50 to 60 homes. Work is also under way with the desalination project,” he said.
The PAEW also assured the public that water levels are safe for consumers: “The levels of water are at an acceptable standard, and there is no issue at this time that should cause concern. The public will be notified with any developments regarding water shortage, as we follow principles of professionalism and transparency in all our work.”

The PAEW also stressed on the importance of rationing water use.