4 Ways to help raise children’s grades

Lifestyle Wednesday 19/April/2017 20:14 PM
By: Times News Service
4 Ways to help raise children’s grades

School can be tough but parents can help by making sure students have all the tools and study habits they need to succeed. Here are four ways to help raise children’s grades.

Make Space
It may be tempting for kids to stretch out in front of the television while they do their homework but a dedicated study space will be more effective and help students stay organised. Place a desk or study table in a well-lit area of the home and ensure it has all the supplies your student will need to be successful.

Make Music
Studies show that learning music is good for the brain. Music education can enhance language development is associated with spatial intelligence and can even raise scores on standardised tests. Piano can be fundamental to that education so offer your child all the benefits of having one in your home. These days innovations in technology make it fun and easy for children to embrace their inner musician.

Make Some Moves
Make sure your kids get plenty of exercise as physical activity is linked to academic achievement. Adults can encourage the habit by being good role models. Sign up and train for a 5km walk as a family. Suggest a bike ride or game of soccer in the park.Your kids don’t have to go out for the varsity team to reap the benefits but a fitness routine that involves some vigorous activity can help to improve grades.

Make Math Fun
For many students math is the trickiest subject. But having the most cutting edge tools can help students better understand math concepts and enable them to solve the most challenging equations. Outfit your child with a graphing calculator that offers the ability to draw three dimensional graphs such as planes, cylinders, and spheres and view them from various angles to better analyse their shapes.