If players think they can come to the MLS and put their feet up they're in for a shock: Steven Gerrard

Sports Sunday 21/February/2016 17:00 PM
By: Times News Service
If players think they can come to the MLS and put their feet up they're in for a shock: Steven Gerrard

CNN’s Kate Riley recently spoke to LA Galaxy’s Steven Gerrard about life in Los Angeles, the MLS, Ashley Cole joining his team and his coaching aspirations for the future.
On the MLS’ reputation as a place where players go to retire:
“I think if players believe they can come here and put their feet up they're going to be in for a very big shock.”
“It's a very demanding league. There are very good players here, good teams, good management. You only have to look at the average age that has come into the league over the last twelve months -- I think it is around 25 or 26. We've got special talents coming into our dressing room like Giovani dos Santos.”
"The people who have got that opinion haven't really done their homework on the league.”
“The football has been challenging and difficult. There's quite a bit of travel and different environments as far as humidity, altitude and different surfaces to play on. I've enjoyed the difference from the Premier League.”
“A lot of people have an opinion on the MLS but I can only speak volumes of the league. And I'd certainly recommend it if anyone was asking my opinion.”

On Ashley Cole joining LA Galaxy:
“We never had the right balance from attacking to defensive playing and I think we need to improve defensively as a team. Ashley will certainly help us to become a lot stronger. He’s a world class defender with incredible experience. He’s a good guy to have in the dressing room.”
On coaching in the future:
“As far as my coaching, management dreams and aspirations are concerned they're better parked until I retire.”
“I'm doing my qualifications at the moment but I don't know if I'll be good enough and I don't know what roles are going come my way in the future.”
On living in Los Angeles:
"Whatever you want to do it's available. It's just a super place to live."