This weekend eat at Kosebasi

Lifestyle Monday 10/April/2017 19:44 PM
By: Times News Service
This weekend eat at Kosebasi

Where: Kosebasi

Must Eat: Signature Mixed Grill

What Is It: A huge platter of grills and kebabs, the Kosebasi Signature Mix Grill is a platter of tender lamb, chicken cubes, beef slices, and special minced lamb kebab.

Also Try: Pirzola lamb chops. The Pirzola, marinated with Turkish spices is tender and juicy. The marinade is a mix of parsley, garlic, thyme, lemon, and olive oil. The restaurant also serves authentic eastern Mediterranean cuisine, from mezzes and meats to traditional Anatolian dishes and regional breads, most of the dishes are worth trying. The puffed pita bread that is known as balloon bread is not to be missed. For those looking for fresh salad go for Ihk Piliçli Salata. Made of lettuce and cherry tomatoes and layered with barbecued pieces of chicken, it is very refreshing. Ali Nazik, a mixture of yoghurt, eggplant, and garlic puree topped with grilled cubes of marinated lamb is for those who like to try something different. The Turkish tea served in traditional tea set is a sheer delight.

What’s Special?: While there are many restaurants in town serving Turkish cuisine, Kosebasi tries to bring in freshness to their food by using fresh ingredients.

Location: Muscat City Centre

Call: +968 2455 8522