Jaywalkers in Oman will be fined

Energy Monday 10/April/2017 12:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Jaywalkers in Oman will be fined

Muscat: Jaywalking is illegal and a danger to the community, a Royal Oman Police official said on Monday.

The ROP has confirmed that there is legal fine of OMR10 enforced for those who jaywalk, risiing to three months in jail for repeat offenders, but the source explained, “It’s not about the fine, it’s about creating unnecessary harm and risk for everyone around. That should be the reason why pedestrians should not jaywalk.”

The source also told the Times of Oman that though drivers may identify other cars by their plate numbers, it may be difficult to report a jaywalker.

“If you can safely have a passenger of the car take a picture, that would be the best way to contact the authorities about this issue,” the source explained.

Under Royal Decree 38/2016, walking on the road is defined by crossing on the places appropriate for pedestrians, including marked pedestrian crossings, squares, corridors, tunnels and bridges.