Shura discusses Omanisation in private institutes

Business Friday 19/February/2016 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Shura discusses Omanisation in private institutes

Muscat: Government’s involvement and investment in private universities and colleges in Oman was discussed on Thursday, during a meeting between the Education Committee of the Shura Council and officials of the Ministry of Higher Education.
According to a press statement of the Shura Council, requirements for issuing a licence to institutes was reviewed, as well as Omanisation policies in administrative and academic departments within the institutes, college fees and government investment in private institutes for higher education.
Labour market
The participants at the meeting also discussed the challenges of meeting the requirements intoday’s labour market.
Officials of the Ministry said they face obstacles in the labour market, with too many authorities in charge of this sector, which makes it difficult to implement the Ministry’s policies of Omanisation.
They noted that some private colleges or universities do not have a good partnership with the labour market, keeping in mind the fast changes in the market.
Attiya bint Said Al Ma’amariya, the Deputy Head of Quality Assurance, spoke about the licences needed by private educational institutes and the procedures to follow when seeking approval of academic programmes, as well as standards for these institutes and how to ensure the quality of the students’ education.
According to Al Ma’amariya, the number of scholarships granted by private educational institutes in the academic year 2015-2016 has reached 102.
Dr. Assad Allah bin Ahmed Al Ajmi, Advisor for Academic Affairs to the Minister of Higher Education, said the quality of education in private institutes is connected to outside participation. He noted that the current economic situation calls for involvement from different parties on the issue of scholarships, saying that the private education sector has not adapted quickly enough to the current economic situation.
Also, the participants stressed the need for a clear strategy on higher education, the press release said.
Chairman of the Majlis Al Shura received Mitsugu Saito, Ambassador of Japan to the Sultanate.
The Japanese ambassador handed over a message to the Chairman of Majlis Al Shura. The message included an official invitation from Tadamori Oshima, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan to visit Japan to enhance the bilateral relations between the two countries, particularly in the parliamentary areas.
During the Meeting, Al Ma’awali gave the Japanese guest a briefing on the Majlis Al Shura and its legislative and regulative roles.
On his turn, the Japanese ambassador stressed the importance of enhancing the relations between the two friendly countries, particularly in the legislative and regulative sides. -With Inputs fromn ONA